Dr. Myers' Organic Chemistry Courses
at Ohio Northern University

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Organic 1 (Lecture and Lab) Files

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ACS Final Study Guide:

Although the problems provided in your text should be sufficient preparation for the Organic 2 final, which will be an ACS final-a comprehensive final covering the entire year, the American Chemical Society's Division of Chemical Education Examinations institute provides a study guide (Organic Chemistry Study Guide) and practice exam to aid in your preparation . A copy of this book is placed on reserve in Hendrick library during spring semester.

Wiley Plus Homework
Due Dates

Ch. 10 1/26 (Thurs.)
Ch. 11 1/30 (Mon.)
Ch. 12 2/09 (Thurs.)
Ch. 13 2/16 (Thurs.)
Ch. 16 2/23 (Thurs.)
Ch. 17 2/27 (Mon.)
Ch. 18 3/20 (Mon.)
Ch. 19 3/30 (Thurs.)
Ch. 20 4/03 (Mon.)*
Ch. 21 4/25 (Tues.)
Ch. 22 5/01 (Mon.)
Ch. 24 5/08 (Mon.)